SAAFON’s Spring 2021 Newsletter

SAAFON’s Spring 2021 Newsletter

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It’s Planting Season!

In this edition you will find upcoming opportunities, learn more about SAAFON’s Farmer Brigades and read about recent news impacting Black farmers.

SAAFON is seeking 4-5 farmers across the state requesting support with 1-2 infrastructure projects on their land. Support with needs include fencing, infrastructure repairs, building new structures, collective planting, labor needs, etc. Travel stipends and lunch will be provided.

For more information or to sign your farm up to participate in our Spring 2021 GA SAAFON Farmer Brigade exchange, please call Tammy Harris at 404-558-5307 or email

Click here to sign-up for 2021 Georgia Farmer Brigade Exchange

From the Farm

Baba Bernard Obie, Abanitu Organics Farm, North Carolina

“Having experienced participating in the brigades is nothing short of powerful. Folks coming and putting the shoulders to the wheel helping to do the whole Fencing piece was one of my favorite memories of the whole year. Seeing that happen and the momentum we gained from that effort was such that it was easy afterwards because that work took us way down the road. It was like we were coasting downhill, afterwards. Before it seemed as if we were pushing uphill. I think it was the energy generated from folks coming together and being a part of it… If you were to ask me last year, I would have been a lot less clear about it, but this year in view of these experiences I can say that it is definitely a pathway forward that has to be a major part of any strategies that we have for going forward.”

Upcoming Opportunities

The Braiding Seeds Fellowship, a project of Soul Fire Farm Institute in collaboration with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, carries on the legacy of the braided seeds by providing beginning farmers with resources, professional development, and mentorship to support their livelihood on land.

In the inaugural year, we will draw our cohort from the southeast and northeast, along certain corridors of te Underground Railroad and the Great Migration. We will work to bridge north-south and legacy-returning generations of farmers.

Learn more about the Braiding Seeds Fellowship here!

Save the date for Operation Spring Plant’s 18th Annual Conference May 20th-21st, 2021.

Operation Spring Plant organizes this educational networking event for the farming community in North Carolina featuring informative workshops, entertainment, and inspirational keynotes to be held virtually this year.

Other Resources

  • Rural Advancement Foundation Inc. has a farmer resource page with a myriad of offerings both by the organization, and opportunities that are available at the state and federal levels.

    • The Conversation: An open, honest conversation between W. Kamau Bell and doctors, nurses, and researchers that aims to answer people’s questions about COVID-19 vaccines. You can learn more about the video series produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Black Coalition Against COVID at


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