SAAFON advocates for Black sustainable farm ethics and values in the food system

As a result of working deeply with Black farmers, SAAFON has collaboratively identified solutions with farmer members across our network to meet their needs. The initiatives below represent a sample of some of our projects that address a need either across a single state or benefit farmers collectively across the entire SAAFON network to strengthen their work.</span >

SAAFON’s B.L.A.C.K (Black Land Agricultural Community Land Trust

SAAFON is in the process of creating a community land trust capable of acquiring, preserving, and managing Black – owned agricultural land in the Southeast.

Southeastern Black Rural Land Database Project

A project aimed to identify the location and features of existing Black-owned land, as well as qualified young aspiring farmers seeking access to land. Our long-term vision is a database that can be accessed by partner organizations to support Black land justice and food sovereignty efforts nationally.

Farmer Survey – Elder Farmer Landowners

A survey questionnaire designed to gather original primary data to identify what elder farmers value and will consider as suitable land succession strategies.

Farmer Survey – Adult Children of Elder Farmers

A survey questionnaire to gather original primary data to identify what the adult children of elder farmers value and would need to have in order to take up farming and actively protect Black farmland.

Farmer Survey – Landless New and Beginning Farmers

A survey questionnaire designed to gather original primary data to identify what landless farmers value and would consider as suitable land access strategies.

Agrarianism / Agroecology Training

This project aims to increase the knowledge and use of Afroecology/Agroecology
as both a farm production and political, social, and economic methodology
for Black farmers in Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Food Safety & GAP Certification Collaborative

A partnership among SAAFON, Global Growers, The Common Market Georgia and Southwest Georgia Project to select up to 15 Black farmers in Georgia to complete food safety plans to be compliant with GAP and / or FISMA.

SAAFON understands that we are engaged in work to build a social movement that begins with food and land justice and extends to the empowerment of all Black people. As such, our work is informed, enriched, and co – created through deep, strategic partnerships. < /span>