Meet Kiyah Harris

Kiyah Harris

Communications Assistant

Kiyah’s story starts with a cobweb. When she was a little girl, her grandmother told her that wounds could be healed with a clean spider web. From then on, the outdoors became her playground. Kiyah learned all the different functionalities of plants, rocks, and animals.

As she had gotten older, she participated in 4-H and many other youth events. In 2016, her family acquired a historic textile mill and opened it to the public to teach about traditional practices and ways to live. By the time college came around Kiyah had a clear path of what she wanted to do. Kiyah wanted to heal people with nature and with a concentration on self-sufficient lifestyles and sustainable harvesting practices.

Kiyah spends her time in the field learning from plants. She has published several books detailing plants and plant medicine. Now, she gets to live her dream building connections with farmers here at SAAFON as the Communications Assistant.