Join a network of farmers with a vested interest in your success. Since 2006, we have created a powerful network that has built a solid reputation both nationwide and internationally


On an everyday level, SAAFON State Coordinators organize around our work in three ways tactically on the ground.

Direct Farmer Support

SAAFON understands the absolute necessity of understanding each individual farmer’ s vision, goals and needs. We place primary emphasis on building deep relationships of trust with each of our members. We then work to provide what each farmer most needs by connecting them to external resources, providing direct assistance (crop planning, farm business planning, trainings, etc.), and access to SAAFON network resources as available(mini – grants, interest free working capital loan fund, etc., education and training).

Cluster / Collective Strategies

Coordinators working with individual farmers do not focus on just technical assistance, but understand we are a movement building, social justice organization and that relies on collective power. We organize farmers to build relationships among themselves so they are identifying what solutions look like. We are in service to them. Coordinators organize farmers into groups so they can address common problems, craft common solutions and work together to have better outcomes in the marketplace and engage in different activities that allow them to share resources and knowledge. Farmer groups are decided by geographic proximity or common production practices (i.e. raising the same crops or livestock, or utilizing the same farming methods).

State / System Strategies

SAAFON works at a state level to create a more favorable environment to support our farmer members, which might include but is not limited to, developing partnerships with other organizations, pursuing policy changes in their state, serving in leadership capacities on different agencies and boards.

< h2 > Services
for our members include assistance with: < /h2>


Developing your
farm plan


Developing methods to make your farm more sustainable


Adopting ecologically sustainable production methods


Emergency funding
(subject to availability) < /span>