SAAFON works to strengthen Black farmers’ collective power to build an alternative food system rooted in progressive values

We Are a Network of Small and Heritage Black Farmers & Southeastern African American Farmers’ Organic Network (SAAFON) is a nonprofit based in Atlanta, GA. We are a network of Black farmers in the Southeastern United States who are committed to culturally relevant, ancestrally guided, and ecologically sustainable agricultural – based living.

Our Work is Visionary, Our Story Continues

SAFFON emerged in the summer of 2006 following a series of conversations between the late “MaMa” Cynthia Hayes of Rural Women and Dr. Owusu B and Extension Center. As a founding member and Development, Hayes attended a workshop on African Americans andele, also an organic farmer. Mrs. Hayes was invited to the workshop based upon her work with African-American farmers in McIntosh County, Georgia. This initiated a string of conversations that led to the formation of SAFFON.

Since 2006, SAAFON has been working to strengthen Black farmers’ collective power to build an alternative food system rooted in progressive values.

Many of Our Farms Have Been in the Same Family for Over 100 Years

SAAFON is a regional network for Black farmers committed to using ecologically sustainable practices to manage their l and and raise livestock that are healthy for people and, as such, are historical treasures. Click below to learn more about SAAFON farmers.

Black Farmers’ Practices and Enterprises

With a farmer – centered, farmer – led approach rooted in our commitment to agroecological practice, SAAFON’ s goal is to raise the visibility of our farmers’ practices and enterprises both nationally and internationally. As a regional organization, we represent farmers across 10 states, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, including: Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and Louisiana.

A Commitment To Increasing Agroecology Production Practices Among Black Farmers

Through our work, SAAFON seeks to increase the knowledge and use of agroecology production practices among Black farmers in the Southeastern United States and to strengthen connections between Black farmers in this region with national and global agroecological movement efforts. We aim to do this work through the engagement and education of Black farmers to create a just and sustainable food system.