< h1 > WHAT WE DO < /h1>
Southeastern African American Farmers’ Organic Network(SAAFON) provides education and training to small-scale underserved farmers and their communities on the best practices
for creating sustainable and economically viable agricultural projects and programs.


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< h2 > Our Service < /h2>
For nearly a decade, SAAFON has been dedicated to building a sustainable food system by protecting and preserving African American agricultural heritage through organic farming.  By farming organically, we return to our cultural traditions, protect our land from harmful chemicals, preserve biodiversity and grow food with real worth.


< h3 > Farmer Members < /h3>

SAAFON is a regional organization with 120 farmer members from states including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, The Carolinas and many others.


< h3 class = "pie_title" > Supporters all over the world < /h3>

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< h2 > Farmer Map Here < /h2>

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